Blog tour “DA PONTE A PONTE” in English!

Welcome back dear followers!
Today we want to tell you about our first exciting blogtour experience.
We went on the 17th May discovering the 1st World War path “da Ponte a Ponte” (Bridge to Bridge). This is a historical-naturalistic itinerary which goes through the Austrian-Hungarian front from Vidor to Susegana along Piave river.
Since Ilaria had to work, I (Marta) left with Angela ( our official translator) and Antonio (he kindly shot every single step of our day). “Da Ponte a Ponte” organisation made this day possible, this is a group of architects involved in upkeeping, promoting and making the most of the path. V.F., blogger of Around&About Treviso, gathered a group of Venetian bloggers together to share this experience in the real life and in our blogs. She also wants to promote this little-known itinerary. Here the websites of all the partecipants: My corner of Italy, Una montagna di viaggi, Grazie a te, Viaggevolmente, Blog di Padova e ecobnb. lapartenza

Our first stop was Col Marcon ( Marcon Hill), the place where it’s possible to see not only war bunkers in the rocks but also few reconstructions of foxholes, panoramic and strategic old-style gunsights, info panels, and a proper reconstruction of an acoustic cone. Here a keen local historian told us with excitement about the Caporetto battle (fought on the 24th October 1917). It was also very heart-warming seeing on the top of the hill the memorial to the Captain Stefanino Curti, gold metal to the memory, died at the age of 22 for the mother country. colmarcon Our second stop was the visit to Col Castello (Castle hill), named after the destroyed castle of the Ezzelino family that was built there. Today there is a memorial temple to the Fallen of the 2 world wars instead. colcastello But it’s time to talk about the Perfect House we found that day: Saint Bona Abbey.
The Abbey houses the Saint’s corpse – before housed in the trevisan village of Saint Bona in Treviso- built in the 1110 and home of the monks of Pomposa Abbey. The monks reclaimed the soil and guided the folk as much in the fields life as in the spiritual. One of the abbots had been very important also for the history of the venetian villas… Does the name Cornaro sound familiar to you? abbazia chiostro

After the visit we had lunch all together. The local tourist office of Vidor kindly offered us the meal… but we still had surprises! The bio-winery Perlage wines gave us as a present a bio-vegan bottle of their wine and we are looking forward to taste it!
The day ended with the fantastic tour at Fontane Bianche Sernaglia della Battaglia (TV) ( white fountains), a nice naturalistic walkway that we warmly recommend you, it’s a really unique and refreshing place…it matches good with a long walk on a hot summer afternoon! fontane It’s a naturalistic oasis- the legambiente association of Sernaglia has been being the authority of the state-owned area since 1991- here there are not only the river resurgence but also different kind of flora and fauna in this 26 hectares of uncontaminated green. The water is so transparent that it is possible to see the bubbles of the resurgences emerging from the river bottom.

What do you think of our trip? Would you like to visit these places? And now, with this group picture we greet you! We’ll wait for your comments.
Hugs from your bloggers!

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